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Rise in the number of women investors since pandemic began: Elearnmarkets

There has been a rise in the number of women investors since the pandemic began, says data from e-learning platform Elearnmarkets.

The stock market is largely male dominated, but now women investors are gradually moving towards financial independence and promoting equal representation in this field.

The platform, which focuses exclusively on providing financial education to the masses, has witnessed exponential growth in its user base during the pandemic. The company witnessed a 3X growth in overall user base, out of which 25-30% is attributable to women.

“In an era that is promoting equal representation of all genders across every industry, there is a considerable gap between male and female participation in the Indian stock markets. The lack of women participation was primarily due to the lack of financial knowledge, responsibility of the household or due to the lack of exposure to financial resources,” Vineet Patawari, co-founder of Elearnmarkets, told ET.

However, the recent surge in female participation is due to the fact that women now want to be equally financially responsible, they have more time to learn, upskill and then start their investing or trading journey, Patawari said.

Since its inception in 2015, Elearnmarkets has trained 7,00,000 learners from all walks of life. The platform offers more than 100 career-oriented online courses, many of which provide learners with a joint certification from industry bodies like NSE Academy, NCDEX and MCX.