Budget 2020

SBI reduces home loan interest rate to 6.7%: Here’s all you need to know

Prakash Ramiah6 days ago

Before taking any housing loan, pl ask for j v agreement of land owner,builder,date of j v,on that day terms,circle rate,todays circle rate,front end money of builder to land owner,fsi sharing ratio,owner share or builder share flat,and if these details are shared pl proceed.if the land cost is more than 35 percent in total flat value avoid. Original land owner gets finished flats for his land .now fsi is given to landed,what does a landless get.on an average in present clss pmay at 45 lacs,if cost of construction is 2500 rs per sq ft balance is land related cost and how much is undivided share of land is key. So interest rate does not matter.cost of construction,land monitisation factor matters. Average land monitisation cost is 30 cr per acre in 5099 tier 1,2,3 cities .since fsi is a public asset it has to be distributed and dual priced by rbi,rera and start issuing housing vouchers for first flat seekers,slum dwellers,33 plus old flats,chawls etc.one nation one hsg policy is entry level shelter should be same price,area,cost,loan,emi. Then only interest benefits can matter.whatever int rate goes towards land cost will be further invested in land,end in more higher circle rates and helps landed to become rich,richer,richest only.