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Palazhi Ashok5 days ago

Net worth Vs. Human Values 
 “Man’s Networth –illussion or reality– rules his decisions, and the missing ingredients are Human values. But how long can the Networth protect man, is a million dollar question.
Everything needs a repair.
Is the feeling of being rich comfortable or a pain often? What’s wealth ..Currency is a piece of meagre paper if it is not used for protecting human values. Wealth is destruction if it is not utilised for human development. But if it is used for protecting the lives of genuinely struggling fellowhumans, wealth is WORTH, and the human who holds it is more WORTH.
It can smell Devine. It can smell kindness and goodness. Then the so-called super-rich humans may ask: ‘What are human values?’ Unfortunately, the answer is with the Nature. Often, the wealth in question, has been swamped by the greedy waves disguised as kind-hearted humans. There are a few great waves, but they remain calm and get unnoticed in the dangerously roaring collossal waves. Let’s learn the actual meaning of development! Let’s learn the actual meaning of the rich and the poor! Let’s not be positive about100% of the world’s wealth going to into the pockets of a few humans.”
–Palazhi Ashok Kumar quotes 2020.