Watch: NBA legend Dwyane Wade with Tiger Woods on links day before serious crash

A day before star golfer Tiger Woods suffered leg injuries in a car crash in the Los Angeles suburbs, he was seen with former NBA legend Dwyane Wade on the links in a video shared by the latter on Monday.

Wade shared a video of himself with Woods on Instagram, in which he was seen joking around with Woods and thanking him for “teaching him something.” “So I told ya’ll I was about to do something amazing today,” he began as he panned the camera to the professional golfer. “And I got an opportunity—I saw the G.O.A.T., he’s not comfortable with it, but—an opportunity with this guy right here man.”

In the video, when he asked Woods, “How good am I,” Woods laughs and says “Good” while shaking his head and then laughingly says, “We’re getting better.”

Wade also posted a picture of the two of them kneeling down to line up a shot into the hole.

Woods was in the driver’s seat of a mangled SUV that rolled and ended up on its side down a steep roadway Tuesday morning, seatbelt still fastened, both legs seriously injured. The single-car crash was another setback for Woods, the preeminent golfer of his generation who has spent the last decade in a cycle of injuries, self-inflicted personal problems and an arrest for DUI.

Even at 45, Woods is among the more recognizable sports figures in the world and remains golf’s biggest draw. His 2019 Masters victory was seen as a transcendent comeback and further cemented his reputation for toughness and clutch performances. Briefly Tuesday, the world paused and worried that Woods might be critically injured or worse. As it became clear that his life wasn’t in danger, the obvious question came out: Can he play golf again?

The 15-time major champion last played Dec. 20 in the PNC Championship with his 11-year-old son, Charlie. He had a fifth surgery on his back, a microdiscectomy, two days before Christmas and gave no indication when he would return. The Masters is April 8-11 and when asked if he would be there during the CBS telecast, Woods replied, “God, I hope so.”