WATCH | Nike’s ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ Awe Inspiring 90-Second New Ad Has Sent Netizens Into Tizzy

New Delhi: US sportswear and apparel major Nike is known for its awe-inspiring and motivational advertisements which serve as a great deal of inspiration for not only sportsperson but also many from different walks of life. In yet another advertisement which strikes an instant chord with the global community, the billion dollar brand has combined social issues and sports in an exquisitely edited ad to once again turn a lot of heads towards them.

Narrated by American Soccer star Megan Rapinoe, the 90-seconder ad is a split-screen video that pairs various athletes and footage including the Indian women’s cricket team. The ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ ad touches topics like LGBTQ rights, BLM protests, and how the ongoing pandemic has practically shut down all sporting events. A strong message behind the ad speaks about how all sports make everyone equal irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion and that sports have a unifying quality.

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The video ends with “You can’t stop sport” which is overwritten with “us”. YouTube description of the ad read “You can’t stop Megan Rapinoe, Serena Williams, or Lebron James.  Just as you can’t stop Naomi Osaka, Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Baker. Because as athletes*, we are never alone. Sport unites us. Strengthens us. Keeps us pushing ahead. No matter what, we will always come back stronger, together. You can’t stop sport. Because you can’t stop us.”

The agency behind the ad is Wieden + Kennedy whose team researched 4,000 sports action sequences to seamlessly stitch them into one. The ad went viral in less than a day and has gotten over 23 million views on Twitter alone. Of course, the microblogging site was bursting with excitement, over 11.7 lakh shares including former cricketer Snehal Pradhan.

Celebrities such as Ritesh Deshmukh has also shared the ad.

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